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Aplázame is a payment method to pay for your next holiday in instalments. There is a method of payment in instalments:

Payment in instalments

Maximum limit per transaction: up to 1.500 €.

Pay in instalments of up to 7 months, you choose how many.

Once the loan has been approved by Aplázame, you will be charged the first initial payment, the second payment (the first instalment) will be made on the day of check-in and the remaining instalments will be monthly.

The amount of the loan will be the amount of your holiday minus the down payment.

Your loan is approved in seconds, your holiday is confirmed and all you have to do is enjoy your holiday on the dates you have chosen.

You pay in easy instalments, you choose the number of months.

The instalments are paid by Aplázame according to the conditions confirmed in the payment method, on the card of your choice, on the same day you make the first payment.

Buy now and pay later, it's that easy.

Aplázame financing conditions:

Not much documentation required: a mobile phone, a card and a DNI or NIE.

No need for additional documentation or paperwork.

Maximum transaction limit: €1,500.

Possibility to pay in up to 7 months.

Payments are made with the card you provide to Aplázame, which you can change.

The SMS sent by Aplázame to confirm payment is free of charge.

The granting of credit is subject to compliance with the requirements set by Aplázame.


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