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All of our Non Refundable and Semiflexible Rates include Cancellation Insurance, inviting you to book with full peace of mind. And we include all of this, absolutely FREE! .

Cancellation Insurance covers up to €10,000 in travel cancellation fees. Includes travel cancellation fees due to a positive COVID-19 test (refer to the cancellation reasons in the policy´s terms and conditions).

Prepaid bookings with Non Refundable or Semiflexible rate are associated with a Cancellation Insurance when the reservation is made, and the coverage will end on the check in day.

safe travel roc hotels
safe travel roc hotels

Prepaid booking amount will be refunded for justified cancellations through the insurance company ARAG.

Prepaid booking amount cannot be refunded if the reason for cancellation does not appear in the general terms and conditions of the policy. In case of no show, the refund of the prepaid amount is not allowed.


➔ Read the cancellation insurance terms and conditions here
➔ FAQs: if you still have any doubts here you can find additional information here
➔ FAQs: if you have any questions related to COVID you can check here