We are working to reopen our hotels with hygiene and safety measures in place. Our priority is to create a safe environment where you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

All our hotels have a specific cleaning and disinfection protocol, established and controlled by a certified external company. One of them is Biolinea, which boasts Dr. Crespi's extensive experience and is recognized by the WHO.

We have redesigned the spaces in all common areas to ensure that the social distancing measures recommended by the WHO can be maintained.

We have made adjustments to the check in/check out processes to ensure the minimum necessary contact. As part of this, you can check in prior to your arrival.

We have created an app through which you can find out information and make reservations for restaurants, hammocks, swimming pool, gyms, spas, parking, room service, etc. And you can also use the app to access the guide to good practice and information on all our hotel services.