the most popular resort island of Europe. The variety and beauty of the landscape, the architectural char, and cultural richness have beed adding other factors over time, such as the excellent air links, the huge range of leisure and tourism infrastructure of the highest quality.

Authentic character

Mallorca has retained its authentic side. The Mallorca speak their own language and traditional festivals may in villages have becomemore lavish and spectacular because of the wealth that tourism has brought, but are anything but tourist events, but rather events with deep roots in the island culture.

The magical attraction of Mallorca exerts its effect on the most diverse. Many well-known artists and, showbiz celevrities, poticans and large economy come together in the island. The nature lovers, sportsmen and culture lovers feel the same fascination that those who simple want to relax on the beach. And with Palma, the island of a very rural metropolis has a spectacular combines historic architecture with a wide and very urban leisure.

it's easy to get excited about Mallorca. In our hotels is even easier.